Selling Land

Selling Land

Selling land is one of the easiest things you’ll do in life.  Finding a buyer isn’t easy, it’s a bit like fishing, but Sid is an excellent fisherman.  Agricultural Land, Building Lots, Industrial and Commercially Zoned Lots, we have sold them all.  Below you’ll find tips to help get your land sold!

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There are a few commonalities across different types of land.  Of course, none of this is required as Lezamiz Real Estate Co. has the ability to schedule these things for you as we are a full service Real Estate Brokerage.  But if you have Plat Maps, Surveys, Pins (markers) for boundaries, these items are extremely helpful in putting together a marketing package that will get your property sold!

selling building land

What Do I Do Before Selling Residential Land?

1. Selling Residential Building Lots?

As the name suggests, residential land is a type of real estate that is meant to be used for private housing. Depending on the land size, a residential land can accommodate a single-family unit or multifamily homes. If you’re selling land, make it look like something that people actually want to buy. Get rid of the rusted cars, the junk in the yard, old toys from your kids who are now in college, fallen tree branches, and so forth.  Keep the grass in yards, pastures, food plots, and other open areas clipped and presentable. There’s a steady market for vacant lots.  You’ll also want to have any documentation ready.  Do you know where the deed to your property is? If not, find it. Scan it so it can be sent to others digitally.  Some buyers will insist upon knowing that you are the actual legal owner of the land. If you can provide documentation in the form or a deed or tax bill, it can help your buyer feel at ease before entering into a sale.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We have a dedicated Client Care Manager who is available to answer questions about the listing process, advertising, open houses, and provide showing feedback and offer suggestions.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We call you with updates on traffic to your land and buyer prospect feedback. We’ll adjust our marketing and sign placement, along with price adjustments if needed, based on that feedback.  Any questions that come forth from buyers through their agents, we’ll let you know so you can make informed decisions.

selling agricultural land

What Do I Do Before Selling Agricultural Land?

2.To prepare to sell this type of land, it’s always good to have some information ready for your real estate broker.  One of the first questions buyers are always going to ask with this type of land is about water shares.  They want to know how many water shares and if it is deliverable.  Usually, your real estate agent will certainly be able to obtain this information. A farm agent can prepare a brochure (and we do) and other marketing material to ensure that as soon as you are ready, you can go to the market. This will cut out several weeks’ preparation if you are trying to move the land quickly.  Preparing yourself, and your agent, can go a long way to getting the land sold quickly.  Having information on hand about the topography,  If the property has ponds, creeks or streams: make sure that some of the water can be seen from a distance. Also make sure that the potential buyers can walk to the water. If you have ponds it is best to keep them clipped and possibly “weedeat” around them.  If any of the property has trash or debris laying around, remove it as soon as possible. This includes junk and trash in barns and sheds on the property.

selling commercial land

What Do I Do Before Selling Commercial Land?

3. It’s always important to highlight your location’s attributes. Be honest and make sure to note recognizable cross streets that are close to your property, highway proximity, public transportation, and traffic generation numbers. Demographics are also helpful information for a potential investor to have – population, household income, and age are among the highest ranking statistics investors look for.  Update your environmental survey if older than 6 months. Any well-paying buyer’s going to want to make sure they’re helping you to sell your commercial real estate fast will want to ensure they’re not buying an environmental nightmare. These reports can take up to 21 days to be delivered. So the sooner you update yours, the sooner you’ll be in a position to close.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We have an in-house Escrow Manager who tracks your sale or purchase from the beginning and works closely with title companies, lenders, agents, appraisers, and vendors to ensure that the transaction will close successfully.

development land for sale in idaho

How Do I Deal With Development Land

4. Prospective buyers for your undeveloped land are likely to have a multitude of questions. Prepare your information about the land ahead of time to be as informed and helpful as possible during the sale process. Buyers who anticipate building a home on the land will want to know about current or future access to public utilities and options for a septic system. Buyers more interested in recreational use will ask about zoning restrictions and seasonal weather conditions on the land. All types of buyers may have questions about nearby services, such as hospitals and commercial centers, as well as the quality of cellular reception on the land itself.

Build to suit land for sale in idaho

What About Build to Suit Residential?

5.What is build to suit? A build to suit is a commercial building or space specifically constructed to the client’s needs – whether that’s an indoor trampoline park, home of a tech company or a simple update of space – this process focuses on one end user.  Due to the additional time and risk of a built-to-suit transaction, there are additional considerations that must be factored into the process. In particular, potential built-to-suit tenants generally need to have strong financials and great credit in order to qualify (similar to credit tenant leases).  This is where Lezamiz Real Estate Co. helps you, the seller, have everything ready to go and thus you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances when it comes time for the offers to start rolling in.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

Our relationship doesn’t end at closing. You will become our Client for Life with a life time of benefits. Optional services available.


Not Quite Ready to Sell?

No obligation, but if you want to get ahead for when you are ready, we’ll do some research on your property and send you some facts about your property.
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