Our Staff

Sid has surrounded himself with the best.  These are the people to help you get done what you need to get done.


Client Care Manager

(208) 734-7007

Dannie is our Client Care Manager.  Dannie handles all of our listing information and property research.  Any questions about a listing, she’ll know the answer.  She’ll keep you informed on your property listing, showing feedback, and anything and everything going on with your property concerning the MLS and getting your property listed.  She’s Sid’s right-hand person here in the office.

Cheryl Escrow Manager


Escrow Manager

(208) 734-7007

Cheryl is our escrow manager.  Anything that happens with offers and pending property contracts, Cheryl is the go-to person.  She’ll have any information on closings, when, where, and how.  If you have any questions regarding contracts for your property she will be able to help.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll certainly find out.


Director of First Impressions

(208) 734-7007

Deja is our Director of First Impressions.  She is the first line of contact for our company.  Deja schedules property showings and gathers feedback.   She works closely with our Client Care Manager, Dannie.  Together, they can answer just about any question you may have about our listings, showings, or our company.


Lezamiz Websites and Social Medias

(208) 734-7007

Chris is our website administrator and social media person.  If you have any questions concerning lezamizrealestate.com or lezamizpropertymanagement.com, Chris will be happy to answer and address any concerns.  Please also contact him if you have any questions or concerns regarding the social media for each.


Services Coordinator

(208) 734-7007

Stacie is our services coordinator.  She makes sure services like Update Now Pay Later and any repair services for property listings get resolved and billed with our vendors.



(208) 734-7007

Lela is the accounting specialist.  She handles all the billing and payments as well as our payroll.  Any questions concerning billing or payments to and from Lezamiz Real Estate Co. or Lezamiz Property Management, LLC should be directed to Lela.

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