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Farm Real Estate

Sid grew up on a farm.  Just this year (2021), he could be seen helping clients move their cattle and their farm equipment.  While not an every day occurance, it shows how much Sid cares about our farmers, ranchers, and dairy people.  He’ll come up with a great solution to benefit you the most, leasing your farm land out, or an outright sale, Sid knows Farm, Ranch, and Dairy Real Estate.

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Get the Price RIGHT!

1. In order to make a quick sale on your property, price your farm no more than 5 to 10% over market price. This will give a potential buyer the sense of urgency to act, and a buyer will come to the table fast because they know the property will sell fast.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We are one of the Top 100 Sales teams in the Nation according to Realtor Magazine. We have the expertise to find a buyer or leaser for your Farm, Ranch or Dairy. We’re here when you need us. Feel free to call, come into the office or email us and we’ll ensure a quick response time.

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Make the Place Presentable – Tidy Up

2. The biggest tip I can give a farmowner when preparing their land for sale, outside of pricing it correctly, is to get the property as “market ready” as possible. What I mean is to have it look its best before it goes to market. Mowing up the roads and trails and grown-up areas that would normally be mowed, fixing up gates that are laying over, or not hanging straight, and cleaning up old junk that may be laying around—make the property have the best “curb appeal” possible! This really helps farms sell when they “show well.”  Think of it as if you were the buyer: when it looks good, it’s more appealing to a potential buyer.

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” It seems fairly obvious, but there are many times the seller can make a few changes to improve the sale of their farm. It is as simple as mowing areas, hauling off scrap metal, burning brush piles, and making the farm look organized. Lastly, on tillable farms, anything you can do to increase the percent of tillable acres helps the sale of the property. Regrading waterways and terraces, drain tiles, and removing trees or fence rows—these all help in the sale of the farm.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

Unlike some real estate companies, we do not require buyers to sign any contracts to show them your farm, ranch, or dairy. We’ll help them get qualified for a loan and make sure their paperwork is in order for a smooth transaction . We have a large inventory of farms, ranches, and dairies to choose from in the Magic Valley.

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Consider Dividing the Property

3. (Think about its Highest and Best Use)

Consider selling multiple tracts to drive a higher price in total. Just know it may extend the total time it takes to sell it all

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Get a Survey

4. (Know Exactly What You are Selling)

When selling or buying a farm, it’s a very good idea to have the property surveyed.  Not only can it make any potential buyers more comfortable by visually seeing the property lines, it can also promote a good relationship with neighbors when all parties know their boundaries. I would recommend that any seller obtain a survey of their land.  In my experience, many landowners have passed down their land to their children.  This is great, but sometimes the actual property lines get lost in the transfer of ownership.  This will eliminate the possibility of any disputes with adjoining landowners.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We’ll help you negotiate so that the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions. We’ll help you coordinate and negotiate any home inspections if there are any on the farm. Once you have and accepted offer, we’ll track the progress until the property closes and keep you informed every step of the way.

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Decide: Auction or Listing?

5. At Lezamiz Real Estate Co., Sid can help you come up with the best solution for dealing with your Ranch, Farm, or Dairy.  Auction is not always the best, but sometimes it is.  Sid can help you decide and give some alternatives that you might not have though about.  When selling land, not all farms benefit from the same marketing approach. Now more than ever, certain types of land could be better suited for varying types of marketing strategy. While moderately sized Class A soil-rich farms could likely do well across all platforms, that isn’t the case for other classifications of land. Oftentimes, recreational or larger hunting tracts can be risky or highly volatile under a public auction format. One must also closely analyze the size of their land and geographical location. If a farm is large and conducive to parceling into multiple tracts, then that must be considered. Conversely, breaking the farm up into too many sections can have a negative impact on value, so this practice isn’t always as easy as it sounds. One must think over many options and utilize a trusted professional to navigate situations like these.

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Use Technology

6. Work Smarter… Not harder… Let Drone technology do all the work to sell your land/farm property. Drones can uniquely Tell Your Story about the land/farm property you want to sell. Practice Makes Perfect: This tip is crucial for anyone who has never operated a drone before. You should not attempt to rush this process, as doing so could lead to wasted time, money, and even pose safety concerns. Give yourself time to practice operating the drone and trying out different locations/positions.  At Lezamiz Real Estate, we can do this for you.  We are a full service brokerage and the picture above was one of our listings.  Drone pictures help highlight the overall image of the homestead.

Why Sellers Choose Us?

We have several moving trucks and boxes available to help you in your move. We’ll throw you a house warming party once you’re all moved in and settled. Our relationship doesn’t end at closing. You will become our Client for Life with a life time of benefits. Optional services available.

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Call a Professional

7. If you are considering selling land, work with a local agent that you trust, who knows the industry and the area.  Selling land is an in-depth process: you need to be able to price it with the market, provide aerial maps, soil maps, FSA information, crop history, cash rent agreements, boundary lines, etc. Having an experienced agent who knows the area, the market, and where to find this information and make it available to potential buyers, will make the selling process so much easier.  Also make sure they are able to effectively market your property – having your listing in the right websites and publications will ensure a timely sale.

I believe that the most important thing for a seller to do when selling their property is use a land broker who is familiar with the general region and current market conditions of the specific property. The guidance that a knowledgeable land broker can give to a seller is invaluable to making sure the seller maximizes sale price. This is done through the expertise and market insight of the broker when it comes to price and marketing of any individual property.


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